5 of 3/4ths, Series

Etsy Search – 5 of 3/4ths


Search results. We’ve likely all typed in a simple phrase and been overwhelmed by the response. That’s par for the course on Google, but what about Etsy? Depending on what term you use to search, there’s often an embarrassment of options to choose from. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the time, patience, or attention span to go through 100-plus pages of listings. Or 50. Or even 20. I’m probably going to look at the first couple of pages, maybe skip to the last page just to see what’s on there if I’m feeling ultra-ambitious, and call it a day. If you methodically examine every posting, no matter the number, please comment below, because I’d like to personally applaud your laser-like focus.

New Series Explained

Enter this series! Once a month, I will run a search on Etsy using what I believe would be a common word or phrase a typical customer would use. For example, “baby hat”, or “candle”. I won’t then limit the results by using the filter options to show only certain colors, free shipping offers, etc, as I just want to see what comes up with basic searches. I know there are many savvy consumers out there who would run advanced searches like that, such as you, my lovely and engaging reader, but what I’m interested in is that initial results dump. Then, I’ll pick my five favorite listings to share.


I present this series with the caveat that this is meant to be a lighthearted look at what may get lost in the shuffle in such a large online craft marketplace. It’s neither an endorsement nor a knock to any listings or sellers that may appear, it’s not a commentary on Etsy’s search algorithm, and it’s not any other nefarious plot you can think of. It’s just a way to dig a little deeper into what’s on Etsy and share what I like. Do your own research and diligence before you purchase…well, anything from anyone, really. Also, keep in mind the results will be ever-changing as items get sold and added–this search will be a snapshot of a certain day and time and probably not able to be recreated.

The Search – What’s 3/4ths of the Way Through the Results?

So! To kick things off, let’s start with “baby blanket”. My search returned a mere 282,639 results. It looks like Etsy caps the number of search page results at 250, so let’s go to page 188 and see what’s there (3/4th of 250 is 187.5, so I’m rounding up).

The first thing I noticed is that I’m not seeing a way to jump to a random certain page in the results. That’s…annoying (am I just missing it?). Anyhoo, on to the actual page 188.

In no particular order, here’s what caught my eye!

Okay, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this snapshot of what I found on Etsy. If the particular items above are sold, remember, you can always see what else the makers are offering, or do a little digging in a new search of your own. Happy shopping!




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