The Torture Blanket

I was lucky to get the very basic of the basics of how to crochet from my grandma and mom, but the rest of my craft skills are self-taught. Since I pre-date the internet and YouTube (*horrified gasp*), much of what I’ve learned came from books, kit instructions, and trial and error.

I learned you need to chain before you turn your work, for example, by making an afghan when I was in elementary school. My mom, who will put socks and a throw on anyone who holds still for longer than 30 seconds, draped it across my older brother as he lounged on the couch. After struggling to cover himself up with what was essentially an acrylic isosceles triangle, he declared it a “torture blanket”, and it quietly disappeared from the living room after an appropriate amount of time.

I’ve made other mistakes, for sure. The reservoir tip hooded sweater I made for my husband…well, that deserves its own post. 😀

What are your best crafting snafus? Let me know in the comments!


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