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Guys, it’s cold. Like, so cold. Stupid cold. It’s currently 1 degree F, with a wind chill of -11. My project of the moment is a lace-weight silk and mohair scarf, but I can’t stop thinking about afghans. Both in a “will someone please cover me up with one” way, as well as a “I could start another afghan and it would be totally justifiable because it’s SO COLD” way. However, I just finished a kid-sized one (which I donated for a raffle prize at a fundraiser for an organization some friends are active in), and I have plenty in my own house. There’s kind of an embarrassment of options here on the blanket front, really. Plus, I want to finish that lace scarf, too–several people were interested in seeing how it turns out.

So, back to the lace scarf and hot beverages I go.

*(Also, I wonder how many bloggers based in the Midwest have titled a post some variation of “brr” this week.)


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