2019 Yarn Diet

Yarn Diet – February 2019 Review

As I talked about last month, I’ve put myself on a yarn diet for 2019 in order to use up some of the excellent and tragically neglected yarn that’s already in my stash. So, how’d I do in February?

Great! I didn’t buy any yarn or craft supplies of any kind (at least since Feb 8th, which is when I decided to announce this). Woo! I’m almost done with several projects, although they are now languishing in my “to be blocked” pile (that’s a project of its own…). I found a way to use several small balls of yarn left over from other projects (baby beanies for the win!), and my Ravelry queue is chock full of projects I want to make (okay, it’s more like ridiculously overloaded. Still.).

I use my own designs for my Etsy shop (and if I ever don’t, it will be noted in the listing with credit/permission from the designer), but I’m looking forward to challenging myself with some knitting projects in my queue for personal projects. Some are great uses for yarn I have, and some are dangling carrots to encourage me to get through the yarn I have so I can start on them.

And speaking of Etsy, my spring shop update is coming together! More details to follow, but I think it’ll be great!

Are you on a craft supply diet? Or, have you added anything special to your stash? Let me know in the comments!


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