5 of 3/4ths, Series

Etsy Search – 5 of 3/4ths

I haven’t done one of these in a while!

Once a month Occasionally, I run a search on Etsy using what I believe would be a common word or phrase a typical customer would use. For example, “baby hat”, or “candle”. I don’t limit the results by using the filter options as I just want to see what comes up with basic searches. I know there are many savvy consumers out there who would run advanced searches, such as you, my lovely and engaging reader, but what I’m interested in is that initial results dump. Then, I pick five listings to share.


I present this series with the caveat that this is meant to be a lighthearted look at what may get lost in the shuffle in such a large online craft marketplace. It’s neither an endorsement nor a knock to any listings or sellers that may appear, it’s not a commentary on Etsy’s search algorithm, and it’s not any other nefarious plot you can think of. It’s just a way to dig a little deeper into what’s on Etsy and share what I like. Do your own research and diligence before you purchase…well, anything from anyone, really. Also, keep in mind the results will be ever-changing as items get sold and added–this search will be a snapshot of a certain day and time and probably not able to be recreated.

The Search

This go-round, I’m using the search term “metal flower”. I’ve spent a lot of time in garden stores lately, what can I say?

The search returned 103,000 results over 250 pages. 250x.75=187.5, so rounding up, we’ll start looking on page 188. Here’s what caught my eye:

  • Bronze Roses by Greenleaf Artworks. These are beautiful, and as the listing suggests, would make a great anniversary gift. Or would, if my husband and I spent anything near that amount on each other. (No knock to the seller’s pricing–earn what you’re worth!)
  • Orange Metal Rose Sculpture by Davis Brothers Metal Art. The stunning color caught my eye. The bummer about buying real flowers is they’re not cheap and they don’t last (there’s probably some life lesson hidden here). This sculpture would look great against my black cat as he knocked it over.
  • Sunflower Necklace by ArtKvarta. I love sunflowers, and I like how this is a bit of a twist on them since the middle is yellow and the leaves are dark. A bit off-topic, but have you ever grown teddy bear sunflowers? So stinkin’ cute.
  • Soda Can Art Vase by frescade. This is the perfect example of why I like doing these posts. I never would have thought to search for something like this on my own, but now that I’ve seen it, I kind of want one. It’s kitschy and cute and would match my yellow kitchen perfectly.
  • Silverware Flower Holder Guy by Twisted Fork Jewelry. Again, not something I would have thought to seek out on my own, but it’s so cute! The bend of the fork makes it look like the little guy is apologizing as he holds out the flowers. What did you do, little fork man? There, there.

So there you have it! Five items I think are worth a look. Surprisingly, I didn’t come up with any yard sculptures like I’d expected. I’m sure there are many available, but other things caught my eye this time.  That’s the fun of this!

Do you agree with my picks? What would you suggest instead? Let me know in the comments below!


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