Rainy Days

One of my favorite things is a good rainy day. Not crazy thunderstorms, definitely not high winds or tornado weather*, but just a nice, calm, cool rainy day.

Most of my favorite things can be done indoors, like jigsaw puzzles, reading, crafting, and avoiding weeding my garden. Today, it’s gently raining, and forecasted to do so all day. It’s the perfect opportunity to make coffee and work on the sweater I am crocheting for my kid. Which I need to finish quickly because she’s growing like a weed and it would be nice if she could wear it at least once before it’s comically small on her.

So, today I will drink hot beverages (I may sneak in one perfect Oktoberfest beer as a treat), crochet, and, you know, basically live my best life. I hope your day is wonderful!

*Does anyone else remember a kids show on PBS in the late ’80s that had a math segment where if the kids on the show got the answer wrong, a creepy mumbling tornado showed up? Who greenlighted that?


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