The Torture Blanket

I was lucky to get the very basic of the basics of how to crochet from my grandma and mom, but the rest of my craft skills are self-taught. Since I pre-date the internet and YouTube (*horrified gasp*), much of what I've learned came from books, kit instructions, and trial and error. I learned you… Continue reading The Torture Blanket

laptop on desk with metal mug to the left and pen and paper to the right
5 of 3/4ths, Series

Etsy Search – 5 of 3/4ths

Search results. We've likely all typed in a simple phrase and been overwhelmed by the response. That's par for the course on Google, but what about Etsy? Depending on what term you use to search, there's often an embarrassment of options to choose from. I don't know about you, but I don't have the time,… Continue reading Etsy Search – 5 of 3/4ths