5 of 3/4ths, Series

Etsy Search – 5 of 3/4ths

Once a month, I run a search on Etsy using what I believe would be a common word or phrase a typical customer would use. For example, “baby hat”, or “candle”. I don’t limit the results by using the filter options as I just want to see what comes up with basic searches. I know there are many savvy consumers out there who would run advanced searches, such as you, my lovely and engaging reader, but what I’m interested in is that initial results dump. Then, I pick five listings to share.


I present this series with the caveat that this is meant to be a lighthearted look at what may get lost in the shuffle in such a large online craft marketplace. It’s neither an endorsement nor a knock to any listings or sellers that may appear, it’s not a commentary on Etsy’s search algorithm, and it’s not any other nefarious plot you can think of. It’s just a way to dig a little deeper into what’s on Etsy and share what I like. Do your own research and diligence before you purchase…well, anything from anyone, really. Also, keep in mind the results will be ever-changing as items get sold and added–this search will be a snapshot of a certain day and time and probably not able to be recreated.

The Search

Today’s search term is “rainbow macrame wall hanging”. I know, that’s a little more specific than usual, but let’s see what we find.

The search brought back 679 results spread over 15 pages. 15 x .75 = 11.25, so rounding down, we’ll start looking on page 11.

In no particular order, here’s what caught my eye:

The first thing I noticed is that “rainbow” seems to be pretty loosely interpreted by people, since I’m seeing a lot of decidedly un-rainbow-like color schemes. Anyhoo.

  • Unicorn Dreamcatcher by RemisUnicornFarm. I’ve never seen something quite like this, and it’s cute! A different take on unicorn decor, and I like it. *After looking through more search results, not as unique as I thought, but still cute.
  • 2 cm Mustard Felt Wool Balls by MooiDesignAus. Huh. I’m guessing it showed up because “macrame” is in the description. So, hey! If you’re in the market for 2 cm mustard colored wool felt balls, and who isn’t, these look nice.
  • Felt Baby Mobile by MadeByClaireLouise. This is adorable and I want one. For, um, my…child.
  • Rainbow Owl Hanging by MainlyMacrame. My grandma had something like this hanging in one of her upstairs bedrooms, although hers was classic brown. It contrasted nicely with the pink, yellow, and green plaid wallpaper. This looks cute and well made (not that I’m terribly familiar with macrame outside of the few plant holders I have), but my favorite part is imagining a baby having a stare-off with its wooden, unblinking eyes.
  • Boho Wall Hanging by OwenNora. It’s got a neat retro vibe to it, but it would essentially be a giant cat toy at my house, so no.

So there we go! I hope you enjoyed this peek into what’s available on Etsy.


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