2019 Yarn Diet, Series

Yarn Diet – April & May 2019

I’ve been putting off doing this post because I’m sort of embarrassed at what an EPIC FAILURE my yarn diet was the past couple months. I don’t even want to post what I bought. I mean, it’s not like I had to sell a kidney to pay for it, and there’s still room to live in my house, it’s just very much not “no yarn”.

So! Let’s start fresh for June. I have some patterns picked out to use yarn that’s in my stash. In particular, I want to make a Mix Tape shawl by Poison Grrls with some fun, super bright yarn I got from Northwoods Fibers. (Something you may also notice about me is what I want to make next changes frequently, haha).

If you’re limiting your craft purchases, how are you doing? Or if you went bananas, let me know what you got!


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