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What I’m Working On – March 17, 2019

Angst. I’m working on angst.

This hat, man. It’s given me fits. It’s for a wonderfully patient and chill friend who is willing to work with me until I get what she wants right. The vertical lines of horizontally worked crochet are a key feature, so I can’t do my normal hat construction. Nothing like switching up your routine for a challenge, right?

No. I’m tearing it out and starting over. It looks okay from certain angles, but the way I seamed it at the top lays funny, and “double nub” is not a feature stylish people are clamoring for. white hat

The thing is, I’ve been working on this since the beginning of February, for no other reason than anxiety over trying something new (she wants it lined with fleece, which I hadn’t tried before, in addition to the different construction) and the uncertainty of whether I’d get it right. If you never finish it, the possibility that it’ll come out perfect is still there, right? Ugh. It’s frustrating that I can see what I’m doing but still have a hard time getting past it.

So! Yes, I am still working on a winter hat in the middle of March. It’s Wisconsin, so there’s still snow on the ground. Perfectly reasonable, then, right? 🙂

Have any projects defeated you? How’d you get past the problem?



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